Online Civics Exercises and Readings

Online Civics
Exercises and Readings
ElectionsGovernmentHistoryTaxesELECTIONSREAD & DOElection Comic Strips – from“Election” Word Puzzle – from MyVocabulary.comMORE TO READESLhome Reference Desk – Readings W/ Vocab SupportESLhome Reference Desk – Election HistoryESLhome Reference Desk – Misc.Top of PageGOVERNMENTREAD & DOBENJAMIN FRANKLIN – from Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Govt. for KidsBenjamin FranklinComplete Ben’s Words of Wisdom
CONGRESS – from Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Govt. for KidsCongress (level 3-5)Congress (level 6-8)Congress (level 9-12)Congress and the Legislative Process Word Search
CONSTITUTION – from Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Govt. for KidsConstitution (level 3-5)Constitution (level 6-8)Constitution (level 9-12)Constitution TriviaConstitution CrosswordPreamble ScrambleSigners of the Constitution Word Search
PRESIDENTS – from Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Govt. for KidsPresidents of the United States (level 3-5)Presidents of the United States (level 6-8)Presidential AnagramsPresidential Names Word Scramble
SUPREME COURT – from Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Govt. for KidsSupreme Court — Symbols of U.S. Government (level 3-5)Supreme Court (level 3-5)Supreme Court (level 6-8)Supreme Court (level 9-12)Justices of the Supreme Court (level 6-8)Justices of the Supreme Court (level 9-12)Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court Word SearchSYMBOLS OF THE UNITED STATES – from Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Govt. for KidsSymbols:American FlagBald EagleGreat SealLiberty BellUncle SamGovernment Buildings:U.S. CapitolWhite HouseSupreme CourtStatues and MemorialsIndependence HallJefferson MemorialLincoln MemorialMount RushmoreStatue of LibertyWashington MonumentSongs and Oaths:AmericaAmerica the BeautifulPledge of AllegianceStar-Spangled BannerYankee DoodleDO:Match the SymbolsMORE TO READESLhome Reference Desk – American GovernmentESLhome Reference Desk – Am. Government – DocumentsTop of PageHISTORYREAD & DOAbraham Lincoln – Java Games – from Quia.comCivil War Terms and People – Java Games – from Quia.comMORE TO READESLhome Reference Desk – American HistoryTop of PageTAXESREAD & DOTAXES IN U.S. HISTORY – from TAXi, by the IRSLesson 1: Evolution of Taxation in the ConstitutionLesson 2: Early Tax IssuesLesson 3: Income Tax IssuesLesson 4: The Social Security Act of 1935Lesson 5: The Wealth Tax of 1935 and the Victory Tax of 1942Lesson 6: Tax Reform in the 1960’s and 1980’sFAIRNESS IN TAXES – from the IRSHow to Measure FairnessRegressive TaxesProgressive TaxesProportional TaxesHow Taxes Affect Us
WHAT IS TAXED AND WHY – from the IRSFederal/State/Local TaxesTaxes in a Market EconomyIncome Tax FactsDirect and Indirect Taxes
THE IMPACT OF TAXES – from the IRSHow Taxes Influence BehaviorThe Politics of Taxation
UNDERSTANDING THE IRS – from the IRSThe IRS Yesterday and TodayYour First JobMethods of FilingTop of Page