Global Warming

The news is full of warnings about Global Warming.  Click on the links below to learnwhat you can do to help.Be part of the solution!  
CLIMATE CHANGE OVERVIEWTRANSPORTATIONRENEWABLE ENERGYOFFSETS & FINANCESPOLITICAL ACTIONOTHER LANGUAGES (NON-ENGLISH)MISCCLIMATE CHANGE OVERVIEWClimate Action Network (CAN-International)US Climate Action NetworkCAN – CanadaCAN – (Western) EuropeEarthlife Africa Johannesburg branchCAN – South Asia CAN – AustraliaClimateCrisis.orgAn Inconvenient Truth now on DVDClimate CrisisTake ActionThe Climate ProjectAnswer the callDr. Global ChangeQuestions answered by U.S. Global Change Research Information OfficeThe Effects of Global WarmingInteractive article from Time.comEPA Climate Change SiteClimate Change SiteFight Global WarmingGet the Facts; Get InvolvedGlobal Warming: Early Warning SignsMap illustrating local consequences of GWIPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate ChangeEstablished by WMO and UNEPNASA Goddard Institute for Space StudiesBroad study of global climate changeNatural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) – Global WarmingThe Earth’s Best DefenseReal ClimateClimate science from climate – Sierra Club Explore, enjoy, and protect the planetUnion of Concerned ScientistsClimate science from climate scientistsUS National Assessmentof the Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Changewhat’s up with the weather?NOVA and FRONTLINE examine the truth about global warmingTop of PageTRANSPORTATIONCarCare.orgBe Car Care Aware
eRideShare.comCarpool – free national service connecting commuters and travelersZipCarThe nation’s first and best car-sharing company.FuelEconomy.govFuel EfficiencyGreen CarsACEEE’s Green Book: The Environmental Guide to Cars and Trucks
TIAP = www.EnergyTaxIncentives.orgTax Incentives Assistance ProjectZipcarThe leading provider of car sharing services.Better World ClubThe nation’s only environmentally friendly auto clubTelework CoalitionEnabling Virtual, Mobile, and Distributed Work through Education, Technology, and LegislationTop of PageRENEWABLE ENERGYCEERTWorking for Tomorrow’s Energy TodayFind SolarConnecting you to renewable energy professionalsGreen Power NetworkBringing you a prosperous future where energy is clean, abundant, reliable, and affordableNREL – National Renewable Energy LaboratoryInnovation for Our Enery FutureNativeEnergy!Bringing New Renewables to MarketU.S. Dept. of EnergyEnergy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Top of PageOFFSETS and FINANCESACEEEAmerican Council for an Energy-Efficient EconomyCeresInvestors and Environmentalists for Sustainable ProsperityClimate Neutral NetworkHelping companies, communities, & consumers achieve a net-zero impact on the Earth’s climateConsumer Federation of AmericaSave Money. Save the Environment
Green Power NetworkBringing you a prosperous future where energy is clean, abundant, reliable, and affordableNativeEnergy!Bringing New Renewables to MarketSocial Investment ForumPromoting the concept, practice and growth of socially responsible investing
Stern Review on the economics of climate changeHM Treasury, United Kingdom OFFSETSBonneville Environmental Fund – Green TagsCarbonFund.orgDrive Neutrale – Blue HorizonsNativeEnergy!Solar Electric Light FundSustainable Travel InternationalTerraPassTop of PagePOLITICAL ACTIONCool Cities Across AmericaSolving global warming one city at a timeGlobal Warming: UNDO ITEnvironmental Defense – Addressing the critical issue of climate changeThe League of Conservation VotersThe Independent Political Voice for the Environment
Stop Global WarmingAdd Your Voice to the Virtual March on Washington
U.S. Mayors Climate Protection AgreementU.S. cities supporting the Kyoto protocolVote SmartThe Voter’s Self-Defense SystemVote SolarBringing solar energy into the mainstreamTop of PageOTHER LANGUAGESFRANÇAIS / FrenchENDA (West Africa)Réseau Action Climat CanadaLiensRéseau Action Climat FranceLexique

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EducaPolesDéfi pour la Terre (Fondation Nicolas Hulot)Jeu en ligne : Ecoville (ADEME)Livre éducatif (Des idées fraîches à l’école

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Top of PageMISC.ACEEEAmerican Council for an Energy-Efficient EconomyCalifornia Energy CommissionConsumer Energy CenterCare2Make a differenceCDIACCarbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, US Dept of EnergyConservation InternationalThreats to biodiversity.Earth 911Making Everyday Earth Day!
Energy FederationPromoting energy efficiency and resource conservation since 1982
Energy StarProtect our environment for future generationsEnvironmental DefenseFinding the ways that workFlex Your PowerSaving energy. It’s a Way of Life.Green Hotels AssociationBringing together hotels interested in environmental issues
The National Arbor Day FoundationWe inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees.
USDAFind your local farmer’s marketTop of Page