Coulter’s Archive 2

Welcome to the archive of assignments from
Ms. Coulter’s afternoon Advanced English Class.
 Writing & Listening Vocabulary Read Civics Holiday FunVOCABULARY
Animal Similes – (Crossword Puzze) – from I-TESL-J, CKIdioms – (Similes – as … as)- Matching Quiz – from the I-TESL-J, by VMSimiles – from English ZoneAre Cell Phones Safe? – misc. games – by Ms. C from Quia.comBaby Animals – hangman – by Ms. C from Quia.comMoney Values – misc. games – by Ms. C from Quia.comSteps to Citizenship – ordered list – by Ms. C from Quia.comUNdeniably Best Quiz Ever – pop-up – by Ms. C from Quia.comIce Cream Flavors – jumbled words – by Ms. C from Quia.comStates of Matter – from Brain PopBusiness Expressions 1 – from the I-TESL-J, by PBBusiness Expressions 2 – from the I-TESL-J, by PBBusiness Expressions 3 – from the I-TESL-J, by PBTop of PageWRITING & LISTENING
Requests – Short Listening Exercises – from Randall’s Cyber Listening LabDear Mom and Dad – Long Listening Exercise – from Randall’s Cyber Listening LabMy Friends – Run-On Sentences – from the CLTA Terrible TeacherWords-In-Context 1 – from English ZoneWords-In-Context 2 – from English ZoneCapitalization –
Ted’s Bar and Grille – from the CLTA Terrible TeacherWhere’s the movie theater? – Listening Exercises – from Randall’s Cyber Listening LabTop of PageREAD
LyricsLyrics WorldReading – Are Cellular Phones Safe? – weekly article from English SuccessREAD THE ARTICLE, USING THE GLOSSARY AS NEEDED. THEN CLICK ON THE ACTIVITY AND/OR GAME BUTTON AT THE PAGE BOTTOM. HAVE THE TEACHER CHECK YOUR WORK WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED.T, D, ED Sounds – (Past Tense Verbs) – from the CLTA Shocked ZoneTop of PageCIVICS
DMA Consumer Assistance: How And Where To Find Help – from The Direct Marketing AssociationBetter Business BureauFederalism – from Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Govt. for KidsNational Government – Branches – from Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Govt. for Kids
Level A     Level B     Level CESLhome Reference Desk Abraham Lincoln – Java Games – from Quia.comCivil War Terms and People – Java Games – from Quia.comBRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT – from Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Govt. for KidsLevel A       Level B       Level CGOVERNMENT BUILDINGS – from Ben’s GuideU.S. CapitolWhite HouseSupreme CourtTop of PageHOLIDAY FUN
EASTER FUNEaster Quiz – Vocabulary – from the I-TESL-J, by VMEaster Online Crossword Puzzle – from The Kidz ZoneEaster – Reading Comprehension Quiz – from the I-TESL-J, by DB