Coulter’s Archive 3

Welcome to the archive of assignments from
Ms. Coulter’s Intermediate / Advanced English Class.
 Listening Grammar Reading & Vocabulary Civics Holiday FunLISTEN
Long Listening Exercises –Directions 2 – from Randall’s Cyber Listening LabLost in the Crowd – from Randall’s Cyber Listening LabShort Listening Exercises –Easy Directions – from Randall’s Cyber Listening LabMedium Directions – from Randall’s Cyber Listening LabFinding the Right Job – from Randall’s Listening LabTop of PageGRAMMAR
Can / Can’t /Could /Couldn’t – from English ZoneHave to – (Necessity/Lack of necessity) – from English ZoneMay be or Maybe? – from English ZoneMay be or Maybe? – from English ZoneWould vs. May – Preferences / Permission / Possibility – from English ZoneCalifornia Drivers – (should/have to/had better/must) – from English ZoneBicycle Riders – (have to/must/don’t have to/must not) – from English ZoneMake a Hamburger! – (have to/must/don’t have to/must not) – from English ZoneEnglish Conditionals – Study – from the English ClubConditionals Quiz – from the English ClubThe 1st Conditional – from the English ClubThe 2nd Conditional – from the English ClubThe 3rd Conditional – from the English ClubThe Zero Conditional – from the English ClubSummary – from the English ClubPresent Conditionals – Study – from the English PageConditionals (Types I, II and III) – Spanish – from ShertonFirst Conditional 2 – Do – from Better-English.comSecond Conditional 1 – Do – from Better-English.comTop of PageREADING AND VOCABULARY
UNDERSTANDING INSURANCE – Advanced Reading PassagesInsurance Basics – from the Motley FoolInsurance 101 – from Insurance101.comGlossary of Common Insurance Terms – from the Texas Department of InsuranceHealth Insurance 101 – the Basics of Health Insurance – from Fidelity FinancialHealth Insurance Basics – from Insure.comFrequently Asked Questions (Health Insurance) – from 3D QuoteAuto Insurance 101 – the Basics of Auto Insurance – from Fidelity FinancialAuto Insurance Basics – from Insure.comLife Insurance 101 – the Basics of Life Insurance – from Fidelity FinancialHome Insurance 101 – the Basics of Home Insurance – from Fidelity FinancialProfessional Liability Insurance – from Bruce R. SwickerGOING TO THE FAIR (& Directions)-Official Site –
12th Annual Georgia National FairINTERVIEWING / JOB SEARCH –Vocabulary – Occupations –Concentration GameWord Jumble GameConversation/Reading with Exercises –A Job Interview – from the I-TESL-J Self-Study QuizesApplying for a Job – Interview – from the I-TESL-J Self-Study QuizesGetting Ready for a Job Search – Personal Qualities – from the I-TESL-J Self-Study QuizesAdvanced Reading Passages – Interview Skills
Interviewing Q & A – from About.comAcing the Interview – from About.comAnswers to Questions About You – from About.comAdvanced Reading Passages – Dressing for an Interview
How to Dress for Success – from About.comInterview Preparation – What to Wear – from the TCU Career ServicesDressing for Success (or not?) – from About.comClean and Conservative – from About.comDressing for Success – from MSNBCDress and Grooming for Job Success – from MNWorkForceCenter.orgClothing Language – from Virginia TechTop of PageCIVICS
Steps to Citizenship – ordered list – by Ms. C from Quia.comTop of PageHOLIDAY FUN
*** HALLOWEEN FUN ***Vocabulary – Study –
Halloween Vocabulary Words – from the English Page
Vocabulary – Do –
Little Monsters Exercise – from the English Page
Vocabulary – Study –
Halloween Adjectives – from the English Page
Vocabulary – Do –
Halloween Adjective Exercise – from the English Page
Vocabulary – Game –
Halloween Word Search – from
Idioms/Proverbs –
Idioms and Proverbs for Halloween – from the I-TESL-J, by DT
Computer Skills – Mouse Practice –
Boogie Bones (Skeleton Drummer) – from Ben and Jerry’s — To Play: Put your cursor over the drums to make the skeleton play.
Computer Skills – Mouse Practice –
Whack A Ghoul – from Ben and Jerry’s — To Play: Click in a ghoul as he appears to whack him. Score givenm at end of game.
Reading – Song –
The Devil Went Down to Georgia – from Mama Rocks
Reading – Create-a-story –
Halloween Madlib – from National Geographic Kids
*** THANKSGIVING FUN ***VOCABULARY / SPEAKINGThanksgiving Meal – from the I-TESL-JThanksgiving Word SearchWord Search (harder) – from National GeographicNational Geographic KidsREAD / WRITEThe First Thanksgiving – from ScholasticBrain Drain, Thanksgiving Quiz #24 – from FunologyGoing to Grandma’s Mad Lib – from FamilyEducation.comThanksgiving History Quiz – from FamilyEducation.comThanksgiving Dinner Mad Lib – from FamilyEducation.comThanksgiving Pop Culture Quiz – from FamilyEducation.comTurkey Trivia Game – from ButterballTurkey Trivia Quiz – from FamilyEducation.comWilster Thanksgiving Quiz – from WilsterAmerica’s Homepage – Plymouth, Mass. – from Pilgrims.netMacy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – official siteMake Your Own Cartoon – from National GeographicOh, how that Thanksgiving spread has changed since 1621 – from CNNThe Pilgrim Life – fromThanksgiving Page – from The English DepartmentThe Thanksgiving Tradition – from Plimoth.orgThanksgiving Traditions and History – from WilsterThe Wampanoag and Thanksgiving – from 2020techCOMPUTER SKILLS – MOUSE PRACTICEIt’s Turkey Time – (Shoot turkeys) – from EZone